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Start Your Own "Painting and Wine" Business! Not a Franchise!

With the proper training & guidance you can be a successful independent "sip and paint" art business!

Start & Open a "Paint & Sip" Studio With Our Independent Paint & Wine Business Consulting - Not a Franchise! No contracts or royalty fees!

Paint & Sip Business Consulting

Paint, Wine, and Canvas Business - Franchise


"The Painting and Wine" industry is the one of the most profitable, creative, and lowest cost business start-ups in the U.S.A. today! Do you enjoy being creative? Would you like to own a creative, art-oriented business that performs at a professional level? Please continue reading below to learn about a special offer which will help you on the road to your success in the exciting field of painting and wine!


The "sip & paint" industry involves teaching a simple painting on canvas to amateurs while they enjoy drinking their own wine or other drinks. The painting event takes place in a studio (onsite), or at a host location of choice (offsite), such as a home, business, hotel, event venue, etc. The event is touted as "90% fun, 10% art" TM, meaning a fun, relaxed, "party-like" social atmosphere during painting is the goal.

Paint and wine business in action


Instruction: learn "sip & paint style" painting, simple and fast, a requirement for success in the paint and wine business! We'll teach you to be an outgoing "host with the most"!

Offsite Events: find out where to get the job, what to take along, and how to host a fabulous event "on the road".

Business & Studio: everything you need to know about establishing, launching, and maintaining your very own painting & wine business!


Become a certified "Paint & Wine Studio Instructor! We have the best independent "painting & wine" training available in the industry. Clients are successful by using our "easy to follow" painting and business instruction. Our painting clients have been featured in national publications and are regarded as the best-trained small businesses in the industry!

"Your painting methods saved me a lot of money, time, and energy and the results are better than ever" Lauren B., Florida

paint and business class


We have trained homeowners, hobbyists, painters, artists, contractors, designers, decorative artists, businesses, nurses, real-estate agents, computer technicians, retirees, the list is endless... even a model as well as an actor chose to attend our national school for painting and small business training!

"I have been so busy lately. Since your class I have made about 14k. Ok, not to brag. Crystal Q., Texas

"Business is running at a very brisk pace and I already have over three months booked up this year. Louie B., Minnesota

"I've attended a lot of classes in my time and this was the best "art and business" instruction of any course" Heather T., California

"The comfortable, intimate class size and the clear instruction of the techniques, encouraging us to develop our own "signature" style, lit a fire in me. We worked eagerly, Brian was always encouraging, and our final illusions in paint were very surprising" Sabrina G., Ohio


BE AN INDEPENDENT PAINT & WINE BUSINESS! Avoid franchise fees of $35k plus! Current franchises demand that you have up to $80k in liquid cash before they will sign you on! With our consulting program, there are no royalties to pay on every dollar you make! No financial statements to provide, 7-10 year commitment, studio or other business requirements that competing franchises dictate! Set up where you want, when you want, in whatever state, or country!*

BUSINESS CONSULTING PROGRAM: WE WILL GUIDE YOU IN YOUR BUSINESS, STEP BY STEP, BEFORE OR AFTER YOUR SEMINAR! If you buy any of our business consulting packages, you will receive our guidance, support, and a 2nd check everything -- from branding to marketing, obtaining a lease -- all the info you need to operate a successful painting and wine business! *local and state laws regarding the consumption of alcohol may differ

"I used your tip which resulted in the look I wanted with a lot less time and energy" Doug P., Indiana

Paint and wine business, sip and paint


Learn painting & small business in a way that was never so fast, fun, and friendly! Instructor Brian Bullard is an "art business expert", having trained over 10,000 amateurs how to "have fun with paint". He is an American, "European Certified" decorative artist who studied, lived, and worked in his craft full time in Europe for eight years (1986-1994).

He returned to the U.S. and opened the "Decorative Arts Center School for Faux Finishes", a national-level art and business training school. He has trained art students from all over the U.S. and assisted in the development of their businesses, co-creating 23 "paint and sip" studios in the past five years!

With 30 years of experience in the arts, and 15 years of that teaching painting & small business development, Brian masters the design and execution of successful art small business.


Our expansive and detailed, 20-page business plan has been used by our customers to secure bank loans up to $85k, as well as to study their business model and strategies.

The 7(a) Loan Program is the SBA's most common loan program, and includes financial help for "paint & sip" businesses. Whether starting an independent "paint & sip" business, with or without our help, or franchising, you will need a complete, proper, and professional "business plan" to submit to the SBA and / or bank if you intend on applying for a business loan.

Brian Bullard has over 30 years of experience in developing art businesses and has co-created over 30 "paint and sip" studios. Amy Bullard is a CPA with over 30 years of corporate finance and accounting experience. Combined, they execute the best "paint & sip" business and bank loan plans available in the industry.

Painting, canvas, and wine party in the studio


Brian Bullard's painting & small business websites are critically acclaimed for their search engine ranking, information, and ease of navigation, with top rankings on all major search engines since 1996. The website is the core form of advertising and payment processing for any "painting & wine" business, and is sold separately in the "Paint & Wine Studio Professional" product line.

"My hope was that the class would be just as good as the website, and it was!" Alaina T., Arizona

"I quickly found out what class I wanted with all the details including the cost, number of samples, and what I would learn in the class. The website and the class far exceeded my expectations" Michelle K., Wisconsin

"This is by far the most informative painting studio website I have ever found" Rory L., Canada


"The Paint & Wine Studio" is assisting its national-level clients through a special package which includes:

*Complete GOLD LEVEL business consulting

*Fully secure paint and sip WEBSITE featuring TOP SEO

*Inventory lists for all of the supplies and equipment to start your business, using the same vendor resources and at the same discounted price that the "big" franchises get!

*Free, royalty free license to 100 of our unique and copyrighted "paint and sip" style paintings for use on your website and to teach as a business, free of any fees!

*Training SEMINAR for 4 at YOUR location, in conjunction with your Grand Opening! Note - We reserve the right to restrict candidate's eligibility based on location and other factors.

Since 2010 we have co-created 27 independent "paint and wine" oriented art studios across the nation. Our mission --
to empower small business owners with their own high quality brand that exceeds customer expectations!

Start & Open Your Paint & Wine Studio Classes With Our Business Consulting, Not a Franchise!

Save big and make it easy with our "GOLD ULTIMATE" paint and wine business consulting package! All inclusive -- full step by step consulting, complete paint & sip website including 100 licensed paintings, and the Instructor Certification Seminar in your studio, training four in conjunction with your GRAND OPENING, start and open in 100 days or less!

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Brian Bullard, Director
Golden Isles, Coastal Georgia, USA
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